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     Thank you for visiting Digital Ink Milwaukee. We are an independent graphic design service operating out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We specialize in collaborating with our customers in order to conceptualize and create unique designs to brand their businesses. We use a combination of communication skills, along with our knowledge of software such as Adobe Photoshop® and Adobe Illustrator®, to manipulate photographs and typography into unique visual compositions for marketing applications.These applications can range from something as small as a letterhead to something as large as a billboard, and anything in between. Whether you need an eye catching logo design, advertisements for print, or an updated business card, we can cover all of your graphic design needs.

     Graphic design is everywhere. Look at everyday objects around you. The logo on your toothpaste, the magazine on your desk, the sign standing outside the local auto parts store, it's all graphic design. Without it  we would have a hard time distinguishing one product or business from the next. That's why it is important to make branding your business a priority. It can be easy to overlook simple things like the look of an outdated logo or business card when taking on the day to day operations a successful business owner. We hope to streamline that process for you by turning your in ideas into a message that is easily visually communicated. Simply email us your instructions  and we'll bring your vision to life!



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Graphic designs done the way you want!

We create all designs according to your exact specifications.
Digital Ink Milwaukee strives for customer satisfaction,
which is why we offer 1 FREE re-edit of your
design should something need any tweaking.